Services in the Old Church 2012

OldChurchAs per usual, we are allowed (by law) upto six Sunday Services a year in the Old Church. Due to the limited seating capicity, we use these to  hold our Early Communion and Evensong Services. This year they are on the following dates:


29th July - 8.15am - Holy Communion

5th August - 6.30pm - Evensong

12th August - 8.15am - Holy Communion

19th August - 6.30pm - Evensong

26th August - 8.15am - Holy Communion

2nd September - 6.30pm - Evensong


You are very welcome to join us for any of these.

 April Evening Harmony 2012Summer Services in the Old Church

If you would like to advertise the event for us, we would be very grateful. Please use the above poster file.


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